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Return Policy 

Vantam exchanges / returns money to you in the following cases:

  • Not the right type and design as you order.

  • Not enough quantity, not enough as in the order.

  • The external condition is affected such as peeling or breaking during transportation, etc.

  • Not qualified as: out of date, out of warranty, cannot operate.


Please check the goods before signing off with the delivery staff immediately upon delivery. Upon detecting any of the above, you can speak directly to the delivery staff or give us feedback within 24 hours on the hotline 028 3514 6515



  • You want to change the type, design but without notice.

  • Customers self influence to the external situation such as torn packaging, peeling, broken, ...

  • You operate not in accordance with the instructions, causing damage to the goods.

  • You have checked and signed the status of the goods but there is no response within 24 hours from the time of signing the goods.



  • The process of changing or returning procedures is within two (02) weeks from the date of receiving sufficient information and documents from customers.

  • Exchange, repair will be made in accordance with the provisions of the company's warranty policy.

Not applicable for cases where there is no technical error and the machine is used

Conditions of return and exchange:

  1. There are also purchase invoices.

  2. Also have a full product box.

  3. Full warranty card (if any) and accessories included.

  4. Promotion gift is valid (if any).

  5. In case of the lack of the above conditions: charge as prescribed. In addition, DO NOT charge any other fees.


Warranty: In accordance with the company's warranty policy

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